Random Thoughts

On Super Bowl Sunday some rambling sports thoughts ……Steph Curry is a once in a lifetime NBA player, simply amazing, and overlooked ..he’s a terrific re bounder …..Bill Walton and Dave Pasch are about the most entertaining basketball announcers you’ll ever want to listen to ….speaking of amazing basketball players  wonder how many youngsters out there realize that Oscar Robertson AVERAGED a triple double for the SEASON in 1961-1962   ..that’s right averaging 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds and 11.4 assists per game for the entire season !!… Another overlooked player Rick Barry .. who not only led the NBA in scoring and free throw shooting numerous times but in  1974-1975 led the league in steals and was 6th in assists ..but was NOT named MVP which was voted on by the players and Barry was unpopular with players, coaches, referees, and most everyone else in the NBA…… whatever happened to basketball rules for walking, carrying the ball and 3 seconds?? …… timeouts and commercials are killing pro sports why should an hour game take 3-4 hours to watch?…..ESPN promotion of diversity despite whether fans like it or not.. is just awful…witness the female announcer that will do Sunday night baseball ..IMHO  just terribly boring …and what excuse is there for Doris Burke  nails on chalkboard voice with little insight on any sport, so bad there are websites set up disparaging her but ESPN does not care what the fans think and use her more and more……  how to baseball players who barely hit their weight continue to get multi million dollar yearly contracts? … Always thought that HS and college wrestlers were the athletes in best shape of any sport … With the multitude of injuries and now concussion revelations will parents allow their kids to play football any more?  …

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